Pricing and Payments

No monthly charges or setup fees.

Much like the rest of our platform, we've made our pricing simple and easy to understand. For paid events, a fee is added for your guests to pay at checkout.

Pricing that scales with your event.

Our fees involve two components: an Event Elf processing fee and a 3% payment processing fee. Fees are dependent on your registration or ticket price range. No matter how much you're charging, we cap our fees at $8.95.

Pricing Structure

Event Registration/Ticket Price Range Event Elf Processing Fee
Less than or equal to $35 $1.99
$36 - $50 $2.99
$51 - $100 $3.99
$101 - $125 $4.99
$126 - $175 $5.99
$176 - $200 $6.99
$201 - $300 $7.99
Greater than $301 $8.99

A 3% credit card processing fee is charged on top of the Event Elf processing fee for tickets and registrations. Donations are still charged a 15% flat fee with a minimum of $1.99 charge per donation.

Receive your funds, quickly.

We disburse payouts on the 1st and 15th of every month. We also support multiple currencies! Generating and managing discount codes and products can all be done at no additional cost from our platform.